Premiere film showing announced!

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2 comments on “Premiere film showing announced!”

  1. Jean Hogan (Tony's mom) Reply

    Hi guys…. I’ve heard so much about you from Tony, I feel like I know you! Forgive my bad memory, but I think I made a donation back awhile, that would net me a copy of the Hope Rising film. Please advise if that’s right. Not getting around so great anymore, but will try to be down for OWN and speakers in city hall. Thanks for all you do. When you help him help people, you help him stay clean and sober. God bless you!
    Jean Hogan

    • Phil Gioja Reply

      Yes you did Jean, and we will definitely get you a copy once we get through this first screening and the dust settles a bit! Thanks for your support. It’s been a great thing to get to know Tony – it’s been an absolute pleasure.

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